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WANT and NEED – What’s the difference?

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It is a misconception that want and need are two similar things with minor technical differences. While, in actuality, these miniscule technical differences serve as the defining factors.

What’s a want?

Human emotions are a complex concept to understand. A large portion of our decisions are based primarily on the basis of our varying emotions. These emotions drive with the force of wishing to have the possession of something amongst the other things you already possess. However, what makes a want different from other emotions is the extra effort we put in to attain that particular thing. That’s how it triumphs above all emotions.

The drive for screenwriting depends heavily on the wants of a screenwriter. Generally, it all starts from the planning to invest specialized, undivided, and determined effort towards your goal. The goal of becoming a professional screenwriter. Now the surprising part about wanting something is that no matter how busy your schedule gets, if you want it, you will manage to squeeze it in the schedule and offer it considerable time, at least. Similarly, a screenwriter begins taking extended interest in reading and learning about the insights of screenwriting. Diving in the specifics of the screenwriting format, understanding that screenwriting, itself, is an art. Then acknowledging and understanding the art of screenwriting. Slowly and steadily, the want that you barely squeezed in your hectic schedule starts to become the primary motive and the other businesses degrade on the basis of priority.

This does not mean you are going to completely call quits on your everyday schedule. NO! The job might still be there, although now your perspective of always considering it as a temp job might start having some meaning and clarity. The hobbies might still be there, the same hobbies that were squeezed the same way you squeezed screenwriting into your schedules.

But, these will now be accompanied by the positive driving force of wanting to excel as a screenwriter.

What’s a need?

Need, in its literal meaning, is the acceptance of the inclusion of a particular thing or activity in your life. While want is the feeling to include something additionally, that is of interest. Need demands the inclusion of that particular thing because you make yourself believe that the possession of it has become a necessity for you. It’s what your heart and minds wants.

These needs are varying and come in different ways for different people. While some people need to sing, play an instrument, others feel the need to test themselves by putting their bodies in different kinds of testing environments, such as exercising, participating in physical activities (including sports).

For screenwriters, the concept of need holds great importance. When a screenwriter feels the need of pursuing screenwriting, it does not require any additional perks to follow along. There is no such need of screenwriting becoming the primary source of income, or it bringing continuous showers of fame and acknowledgement from countless people. The writer just has to do it, because it knows that’s what the heart wants.

“There needs to be a WANT”

According to professional screenwriters, you cannot just get out of bed one day to decide that you are going to pursue screenwriting as a career. It is a slow process, to slowly move forward towards the dream. It is an undeniable fact that every child has been told at least once in their childhood that: “Do what you want to do. Become what you want to.” Ignoring the complexities of accessing the said liberty, the idea is still fed to the children that it all starts from what you want.

It is a widespread belief in the screenwriting community that you can only survive the fluctuating experiences if you truly want to become a professional screenwriter. But, is wanting enough? No it isn’t. Yes, the want certainly initiates a drive to pursue for something. But having the want to pursue it and actually pursuing it are two very different things.

Wanting is not enough. A want is only useful when it is followed by need.”

“Then comes the need of a NEED”

Screenwriters, are after all, writers. Duh. Writers have this knack of shaping your minds as per their wants. At first, they want you to understand the importance of wanting something. To initiate the spark that later goes to strike a flame.

But isn’t it ridiculous to make such a demanding and apparently, unrealistic statement. Yes, there is a need to have a jolting experience to get yourself working towards your dream. But is it necessary to force yourself to quit one thing to pursue another? The advice seems equally hilarious to the statement, “You need to take the fall to realize you can fly.” It is important to understand that without knowing how to fly, it is a death-wish. Yes, the need followed by a want is important. But it does not have to be as severe and aggressive.

Adaption and Execution – The way forward If you have got the want and need, congratulations! You are halfway there. But, it is still a long road. It’s nice to want to be Hollywood’s first choice, but what are you willing to do for it? Now enters the most important aspect of becoming a professional screenwriter, adapt and execute.

As vague as it may sound, it is literally the only way forward. After having all the necessary wants and needs to power through, you need to channel your energy to execute it all. This introduces the need to participate in different screenwriting contests, following the empowering and meaningful screenwriter success stories.

The primary goal is to continue striving for opportunities to express yourself. The art of expression of your thoughts is the key to success for a screenwriter.

There are times when you write a script, revise it to furnish it a little more, share it through the circle as much as you can. At this point, you realize that there is a need to have someone who can help you express yourself at a bigger level. This is where the screenwriting agents come in.

The point that deserves reiteration here is that no matter how much you want or need it, you have to work for it. It demands consistency, diligence, and, the most of all, patience.

Screenwriting demands

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