June 2023 QF

Title Name (I’ll Never Find) Another You Michael Elliott 24 Hour Honeymoon Christian Zur 24 Hour Honeymoon Christian Zur A Little Bit Louder Ben Fussiner A Picture Worth Every Word Pat Stone Americana (Screenplay) Michael Gangloff Black Sunday kat bellew Britt Johnson RoXMvPRoY2007 None Choose Your Own Ending Travis Stone Coraz√≥n Dominique Merrill COSTA REHAB […]

June 2023 SemiFinalist

Title Name Act Adam Garcia Bad Mike Andrea Ash BUTCH VALLEY Mike Voss Down At The Val Neil Goodchild Dreaming Of Joey Allison Caldwell Foole Andrea Ash I’m Yours July, 2023 Martin Greenstein METEOR Line Rainville Morituriosis Jesse Dorian O’Connell Park Don Wallace Residue DH F Richard Spong Terry Podnar Rise James Barrett The Great […]

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