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The Austin Screenplay Awards was started by a collective of producers trying to solve a simple but common problem in the film industry; good script development is expensive, scarce, and hard to find. The job of a producer (both on creative and management sides) are to provide great products for audiences worldwide while keeping movies on budget. This competition was founded on certain screenwriting principles that must be held in high regard in order to have longevity in the film industry and work well with producers in today's marketplace. Bottom line is this: a variety of skills are needed. We believe the model for screenwriting success is multi-faceted... one must possess great storytelling chops and screenwriting talent, but also have strengths and a knack for development and working with teams. THIS is the bridge between screenwriter and producer.

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Founded The Austin Screenplay Awards was founded by a collective of producers and directors who are looking for talented writers to development content. The process of filmmaking is a collaborative effort and so our philosophy is collaborative. Talent recognizes talent… we want to bring you into the fold.

Our Process Each script is given a careful read by industry professionals. Each script is scored and given an analysis, then uploaded onto our private database. This is where our professionals dig into your material. They careful review each coverage, learning about your strengths as a writer and noting who they will champion as the crowned favorite of this season’s competition.

Our Analysis The Austin Screenplay Awards has a very precise scoring and analysis method. It’s industry standard scoring. Today, analytics play a large part in the way scripts are selected and produced. We believe in the legitimacy of these analytics, but we also believe in human intuition. We score based on the 10 major categories: premise, originality, dialogue, structure, character, logic, conflict, tone, pacing, and craft/formatting. Some categories will hold greater weight than others. For example, character will have greater weight than premise and conflict will have greater weight than formatting. Each analysis is reviewed by jury members so multiple eyes are given to each script.

Our Mission We want to find the best writer from each season and connect them with professionals who are working in the industry. A career in the film industry is one connection away. We believe that talented writers are always on the cusp on meeting the right producer or director who sees their talent and wants to utilize it. We are the bridge that makes it happen.

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